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   Our first draft goat was Yin - the first colored kid born on our farm in 1995.  Although we thought he was going to be a breeding buck we discovered he had an undescended testicle.  We couldn't part with him, but he had to have a job to earn his keep - he became the Public Relations goat by being trained to pull a cart at fairs and festivals.

    Since then we have had a variety of goats trained to pull in harness and in yoke.  Currently we have a 4 year old gray wether single in harness and he and his new buddy 1 1/2 year old white buck working in yoke.

    Anyone interested in using goats for draft - especially in Maine and New Hampshire - for fun, work around the farm, or for exhibition is welcome to contact me.  Below is a list of resources I have gathered with links to various sites for more information.


Great New Info:

        This is a feature from Newsletter

        This features a 16 year old goat trainer and videos made by her sister!

Draft Goat Resources/Links:


The Backyard Goat - Sue Weaver, Storey Publishing, 2011


Hoegger Goat Supply

Halters, harnesses, wagons


K-9 Carting

carts, shafts, team poles


Dog Works

lightweight single & double trees/levelers


Quality Llama Products & Alternative Livestock Supply

Halters, bridles, harnesses, carts


Great Goat Gear

Halters, bridles with bits, harnesses


Carter Pet Supply

Working Harnesses on ebay or at


Articles & General Information


Working Goats Website

Packing and draft, many pictures and training tips


Harness Goat Society – Great Britain

Great pictures


Goat Tracks Magazine and American Harness Goat Association


4-H Harness Goat Project

Outstanding information on all aspects training, making equipment, & competitions


DW Farms Harness Goats

Good pictures of team set ups, breast & collar style harnesses


Here is a youtube video that shows how simple it can be to do a goat cart and good training steps