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Adventures in Cheese Making


    I am a home cheese maker - I started by taking a basic cheese making class and using store bought cow's milk about  15 years ago.  I found that I loved the process of making cheese and the results are yummy.  We raise fiber goats so I figured - what is one more goat in the barn - I'll get a dairy goat!  Jet Blue provided me with kids and milk for 7 years.

    Along the way I have done tons of experimentation and I have learned that I am not good at making aged cheeses!  I do great at fresh cheese and have worked at coming up with combinations of recipes and techniques from many different sources to create my own "fool-proof" versions and variations of simple, easy to make fresh cheeses from fresh off the farm and store bought ingredients. 

     Home cheese making is a combination of the process and the product, art and science.  Yes, it tastes better when you make it yourself especially from local or home grown ingredients, usually it is cheaper, and taking the time to make it yourself you have connected to generations around the world providing good, wholesome food to share around the table with friends and family. 

        This page will be a series of stories and research of my cheese making:  recipes, resources, failures, and successes.  Sorry, as readers, you cannot take part in the tasting!

        You can check out the link list below for the date I published and the topic.  (most documents are in pdf. format)

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April 20, 2018  My Take on Milk


April 20, 2018  Getting Started Making Cheese Workshop

    This is the handout from the workshop I did at Bessie's Farm Goods in Freeport on April 14, 2018


April 20, 2018  The Discovery of Stracchino di Crescenza & Domiati Cheese

    Link to recipe at New England Cheese Making:  Crescenza  


April 21, 2018  Aged Cheese - Another Try

      Link to recipes at New England Cheese Making:  Gouda  Farmstead Cheese  Yorkshire Cheese


April 21, 2018  FFF Feta

            This is a recipe for feta "our whey".  It took 4 or 5 years for me to get it just right.  Marcia, my partner, likes her feta on the crumbly side and not too salty from the brine where it needs to be soaked or washed.  I wanted a brine and structure that would last from one milking season to the next (5 to 6 month month shelf life).  This recipe is a combination of the 1 1/2 gallon recipe in the Margaret P. Morris book The Cheese Maker's Manual and the technique used in the Fiasco Farm feta recipe to dry/firm up the cubes


April 23, 2018    The Versatility of Formage Blanc and Chevre 

        You can find the recipes here:  



May 25, 2018    Cheese Harps/Curd Cutters