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                 Farmhouse Cheeses

 We use organic cows’ milk from The Milkhouse, also in Monmouth.  All of our cheese is vegetarian,

 set with organic vegetarian microbial rennet.   Many of our cheeses are made with all organic ingredients.

Fresh Cheeses

            Fromage Blanc is a fresh, creamy cows’ milk cheese used for dips or spreading on bagels & crackers.  It can be used in any recipe that calls for ricotta or Neufchatel (it is great in stuffed shells, lasagna, & blintzes), a base for creamy sauces for pasta, and a baked potato topper.   Shelf life is 7 - 10 days.


      Fresh Pressed Cheese is an ever changing cheese canvas with the addition of different herbs & flavors. 

 It is good for snacking, sandwiches, and melting for toppings and sauces. Shelf life is 7 – 10 days.


            Boveta, cows’ milk feta style cheese stored in brine, is a dry crumbly cheese. If you want to reduce

the saltiness, rinse in cold water before addingto salad or using for cooking.  Shelf life when covered in brine is about 2 months..


      Paneer for Indian cooking fans.This is a great protein substitute for tofu.  It does not melt when heated, it only softens. 

                        Shelf life is about 7 days and it can be frozen.  (Special Order)



Ripened Cheeses


      Farmhouse Cheddar is not the grocery style you see grated in bags.  It is a young, mild, crumbly English style cheddar. 

 It can be used as a snack, in sandwiches,  a topping, and for sauces.


       Drunken Cow, our take on the Spanish Cabra al Vino. We give it a good soak (or two) in mulled Burgundy to give it a fruity

& sweet spicy favor and a stunning deep red rind.


             Beer & cheese – yes!  We combine them in Beer Infused Cheese.

We mix stout with the curdsand soak the pressed cheese in the stout.  Grab a glass of your favorite brew & some crackers.


       Goooda, our style is a young mild cheese with a soft texture and a bit of a nutty taste.   


             Records and recipes for Fontina date back to the 1100’s.  We carry on the 900 year tradition by making small batches

of this versatile, great melting cheese.



Please contact us if you are looking for cheese for a special occasion. 

 We can make fromage blanc & fresh pressed cheese of your favorite flavor to order.


 Lot # on all cheeses is the day it was made.