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2017 Goats for Sale

            Pygora yearlings,  Guinevere & her buck kid are ready now to go to a new home.  Pygora kids will be ready

 to go to new homes the end of May.   All other kids will be ready for new homes the last week in July.  Check back - we may have a few more...

            All goats will be current with CD&T and have official USDA tags.   A 50% deposit will reserve goats for later pick-up.

 Buck kids can be neutered and will sell for $150 as fiber pets.  (We will not neuter Casper or Cocoa).

            Any out of state sales require a health certificate, some states require additional testing for the importation of goats.  These additional costs are at the buyer’s expense. 


                 If you are interested in buying animals please contact us to make arrangements for a farm visit.   

    Our Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association Herd ID is FFF and our USDA Sheep & Goat ID is MEX 0020. 

If you acquire animals with these ID's we are the flock of origination and can provide you with additional information about the animals.

 Tag       Name                       Description                                                  Price



Black Pygora buck kid from cream Pygora buck & taupe Angora doe




Black Pygora doe kid from cream Pygora buck & taupe Angora doe




Fawn Pygora buck kid from cream Pygora buck & taupe Angora doe




Fawn Pygora doe kid from cream Pygora buck & taupe Angora doe

$250 SOLD



White color carrier Angora buck kid

$250 SOLD





White 4 year old doe with white  buck kid

with wethered kid





Tan belted Angora buck kid

$250 SOLD



Chocolate Angora buck kid




Gray Angora doe kid - twin

$250 Reserved



Belted gray Angora buck kid - twin




Gray Angora doe kid - twin

$250 Reserved


Gray Angora Buck kid -  twin - to go mid-August



Gray Angora doe kid -  twin - to go mid-August




Yearling dark fawn Pygora doe from cream Pygora buck & taupe Angora doe Type B fleece



Bucky Boy

Yearling gray Pygora buck from cream Pygora buck & taupe Angora doe Type B fleece



Goats are social animals and need to be with other pen mates. If introducing goats to an existing flock of sheep

or band of goats you must do so with at least 2 at a time.  We only sell single animals under certain circumstances,

i.e. companion for a single animal (sheep, goat, horse), or breeding bucks.   




                                       Draft Goats

    Our first draft goat was Yin - the first colored kid born on our farm in 1995.  Although we thought he was going to be a breeding buck we discovered he had an undescended testicle.  We couldn't part with him, but he had to have a job to earn his keep - he became the Public Relations goat by being trained to pull a cart at fairs and festivals.

    Since then we have had a variety of goats trained to pull in harness and in yoke.  Currently we have a buck team pulling in yoke, a single in harness who is beginning to ground drive and a pair of Boer/dairy cross does driving in harness.  Hopefully, next summer I will have at least a pair (maybe two) driving a cart.  Since Angoras are small I never had goats big enough to drive - finally I do so it's onto the next step!

    Anyone interested in using goats for draft - especially in Maine and New Hampshire - for fun, work around the farm, or for exhibition is welcome to contact me.  Below is a list of resources I have gathered with links to various sites for more information.

Draft Goat Resources/Links:


Hoegger Goat Supply

Halters, harnesses, wagons


K-9 Carting

carts, shafts, team poles


Dog Works

lightweight single & double trees/levelers


Quality Llama Products & Alternative Livestock Supply

Halters, bridles, harnesses, carts


Great Goat Gear

Halters, bridles with bits, harnesses



Articles & General Information


Working Goats Website

Packing and draft, many pictures and training tips


Harness Goat Society – Great Britain

Great pictures


Goat Tracks Magazine and American Harness Goat Association


4-H Harness Goat Project

Outstanding information on all aspects training, making equipment, & competitions


DW Farms Harness Goats

Good pictures of team set ups, breast & collar style harnesses


On Line Groups


Harness Goats Yahoo Group Goats/


Cart Wagon Goats Yahoo Group Wagon Goats/